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GAMEtronics: Battle of the CEXes

XPG Darkside Feb 13, 2014

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    The two biggest video game retail chains are going to war on the High Street.

    GAME is taking on pre-owned giant CEX with GAMEtronics, which are new-style stores that specialise in buying and selling electronic items such as tablets, laptops, cameras as well as games.

    And the first two GAMEtronics shops have opened just metres away from two CEX outlets.

    But CEX founder Robert Dudani has hit back, telling MCV the firm could even stock new video games and consoles in an effort to combat GAME.

    “GAME seems to be copying us virtually identically without much difference in our fundamental USPs. As such we don’t take them as a serious threat,” he told MCV.

    “What does worry me is that if at GAMEtronics you were be able to trade second-hand for new consoles, video games, Apple, Intel, Android and other kinds of devices and software.

    Or even mobile phone contracts.

    That would be extremely alarming for us as they could potentially have a better range of product in both new and second-hand categories.

    “If that happened then we’d be forced to stock new hardware and software products aggressively to defend our second-hand offering with a wider new offering than they have.

    “We have to have a better selection. Be it new or second-hand. That’s the bottom line.”

    The GAMEtronics stores do sell a range of new product, including new games and consoles.

    “This isn’t about competing with those stores – this is about expanding the ways gamers can pay to access gaming content,” said GAME stores director David Howard.

    “If we can help gamers get their hands on the gaming content they want, whether that’s next-gen consoles, digital, new releases, headsets or whatever, then we’re going to help them do it.

    “Remember, GAMEtronics is a way for gamers to trade in against both mint and pre-owned, and GAMEtronics is stocking everything you’d find in our GAME stores.”

    Source MCVUK
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    This is really good news for us as consumers especially since they are opening stores so close to each other in the high street, we should see some competitive prices as a buyer and a seller.
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