Game rental options spotted on US PlayStation Store

Rocky Mar 14, 2014

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    Game rental options have been spotted on the US PlayStation Store.

    The ability to rent PS3 titles will be enabled with the launch of PlayStation Now, which is currently in closed beta.

    However, a rentable version of Catherine was spotted on Sony's digital marketplace by PSN Stores, seemingly confirming that the service will let users stream rented titles for one, seven or 30 days, although the functionality isn't yet enabled.

    Earlier this week, concept artwork featured on Gaikai's website may have revealed potential pricing plans for PS Now game streaming. While Sony has yet to officially announce how much it will cost to rent streamed PS3 games, the imagery listed Uncharted 3 for $4.99 and Far Cry 3 for $5.99.

    Revealed at CES in January, PS Now will initially stream PS3 games (other platforms to follow) to PlayStation devices, Sony Bravia TVs and, in future, other Sony and non-Sony devices. Customers will be able to rent individual games or pay for full library access via a yet to be confirmed subscription fee.

    Officially, Sony has said PS Now will launch during summer 2014 in North America. Unofficially, it has been reported that PS Now won't arrive in Europe until the first quarter of 2015.

    For a "low latency, high-quality gaming experience", Sony recommendeds that PS Now users have at least a 5Mbps connection. A PS Now beta is currently ongoing.

    Source - CVG

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