Game of thrones money/currency modding service by PK89 ;)

NaCLy AF Jan 2, 2013

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    Tittle says it all! I can mod your gold/coins on the game of thrones game! I know the game kinda sucks but the story it's amazing!! Anyways if you want me to mod your save all I need is for you to open your save on 360rev/modio/horizon and go to the content tab, inside there's gonna b a con file called checkpoint1,2 or w.e .. Extract that file, put it in a zip folder and send it to me(currently only have my Mac so I can't extract the saves myself)! And off course I need to know the amount of coins you have .. Like let's say "I have 2 gold 3 silver 4 bronze" or w.e it's called :LOL:!
    Upload the saves to netload or mediafire.. Websites with catpcha or waiting times will be ignored! And please if you want me to mod the save drop a thanks and +rep .. If you don't you might b ignored .. It definitely takes me longer to mod your save, thanks & +rep only takes a second ;)

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