Gaikai site reveals PlayStation Now Game Pricing

Rocky Mar 10, 2014

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    Potential PlayStation Now prices have been revealed in an update to the Gaikai site, the service powering the technology that lets you stream PS3 games on PS3, PS4 and PS Vita.

    While it’s hard to see in the picture the prices appear to be $5.99 to buy Far Cry 3 or $4.99 for Uncharted 3, while The Last of Us ramps up significantly to $49.99. It’s possible these are only place-holder prices but it wouldn’t be a surprise if a game’s cost is decided by demand. There’s also no mention of subscription fees either.

    The service underwent a beta in January and leaked footage of PS Now in action showed some very fast loading times. Sony has also revealed PlayStation Now needs a 5MBPS internet connection as a minimum. It’s scheduled for Summer in the US. There’s no release date for the UK as yet with Sony stating it’s “not quite ready to confirm launch plans for PAL territories” because “Europe is a considerably more complex region, with a huge number of different providers and varying connection speeds from country to country”.


    Source - OPM

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