Forza Motorsport 6, Possible Appearance of Jeremy Clarkson?

Nasyr Mar 27, 2015

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    Top Gear has been a well rounded, well accomplished, group of partners with Microsoft for quite some time now. Microsoft does have further plans to aside with Top Gear Developers but, those details will be released in the upcoming months. And although many of you may have a taste in the Forza Motorsport games, they have released that the previous commentator for the previous games may be returning in the newest sixth one to finish it off, Jeremy Clarkson. They have not confirmed it nor released any further details on the recent leak of this information but, it's a possibility. But.. Many are uncertain if this task will carry out due to all the terminations of jobs over at the BBC company. ​
    Jeremy Clarkson was recently terminated from the BBC and well.. That puts a bit of a hiccup in between things. No one is to say or tell if he will still carry out the role of being a commentator over the new speed racing game. My best bets is that he's already packed up his bags and headed for somewhere warmer. Definitely something I would do, after being fired. With the well partnered groups of Microsoft and Top Gear, they for sure know they will pull something together to release to the public. Afterall, no game, no money incoming.. How the world works.​

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