Forza 6 reaches 7 million players online [Xbox One]

ToxicGas Sep 15, 2015

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    Microsoft recently announced its latest achievement, they confirmed that from forza 5 and 2 more than 7 million people have played the franchise on Xbox one. Microsoft shared their milestone today and also announced that Forza 6 is the biggest forza ever made. The game includes 460 cars,26 tracks, and 24 players online multiplayer. Today is the official launch date of forza 6. The game will launch in Europe this coming Friday, September 18.​

    Mircosoft has also released a brand new trailer for Forza 6's Fast and the Furious car pack, the pack includes cars seen in the popular movie. The pack includes cars sch as the 2014 Terradyne Gurkha LAPV and the 2002 Nissan Fairlady Z. The car pack is included with the Forza 6 Ultimate $100 and Delux $80 editions or you can just purchase the pack itself for $10 if you want to take an Alternate rout you can buy each car for $3 individually. It is said that the people that played the BETA which is more than 1 million people will be receiving the 2017 Ford GT.
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