ADDZ Apr 8, 2011

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    [font="arial][size="4"]FortressCraft: Chapter 1[/size][/font]​
    [font="arial] [/font][/center][center][font="arial] [/font][/center][center][img][/img]
    [/left][left]Transfer the Profile and game on your HDD via cable or USB then sign into the profile provided, load the game, switch to your main profile and enjoy.[/left][left]
    [/left][left]Download the game & profile here: [url=""]http://www.xpgamesav...raft-chapter-1/[/url][/left]

    Thanks to [font="arial][size="2"] CCCODYYYY[/size][/font]​
    [font="arial] [/font][/color][/left][left][font="arial][size="2"] [/size][/font]
    [font="arial][size="2"]EDIT: This only seems to work for some people maybe it's the region!![/size][/font]​
    [font="arial][size="2"](North America, I'll upload a PAL version as soon as I get one)[/size][/font]​
    [font="arial] [/font][/left][left][font="arial][size="2"]Another Update: This is working for some people on PAL too.[/size][/font]​

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