Fix For Xbox One's EU & PAL TV Lag Issues Coming "Within Weeks"

Rocky Feb 24, 2014

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    Microsoft has announced that it's poised to issue a fix for the juddering and lag issue that's plagued EU and PAL users running their TV through Xbox One, with an update to be issued "within weeks", according to the platform holder.

    "I can't give you a specific date today, but I can tell you definitely that that issue will be resolved within a matter of weeks as one of the updates that we make to the console," Xbox UK's Harvey Eagle announced. "I'm happy to confirm that that will be Spring time frame. I can't be more specific than that, but it's weeks, not months. It's important and we're excited to get that fixed as quickly as possible."

    Discovered around the Xbox One's launch, in EU and PAL territories, running your television through the console can event in the experience suffering from judder and lag. This is thanks to the discrepancy between PAL TV broadcasts at 50Hz, while the Xbox One natively outputs at 60Hz.

    The issue doesn't affect North America, as TV is broadcast at 60Hz, and so works in accordance with Xbox One's output. Xbox One's frame rate conversion attempts to compensat for the missing ten frames during EU and PAL TV broadcasts, which is what causes judder and lag.

    There is currently a workaround for the issue, in which you change your Xbox One's display settings to auto detect your HDMI connection before switching resolution to 720p. The console will then ask if the picture is displaying correctly. Select 'no', and you'll trick the console into switching back to 1080p in 50Hz mode.

    Source - X360A
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    I dont get no lag... My TV screen goes black when ever it wants on the XB1 lol

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