Fix Black screen issues when loading xex

henry winkler Jan 9, 2011

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    This is the fix for the frozen console/black screen when loading a black ops xex.

    The issue is when you copy the files to your HDD using Xplorer360, the images.pak file is too large and xplorer corrupts it, causing a failure (black screen).

    This is very simple to fix.

    1. Extract the images.pak file from your iso

    2. Place the images.pak file on a usb drive with at least 2.3GB space.

    3. Stick the usb in your jtag

    4. In XEXMENU, copy the images.pak file from your usb, and place it in with the rest of your BO files.

    This should fix the issue (it did for me).

    Alternate Method:
    You can also FTP the file to your jtag if you do not have a usb device large enough for the file. Just use a program like FlashFXP and transfer the file to the directory with the rest of your BO files.

    Note: This method is not recommended as it is much slower than the USB method, and should only be used as a last resort.

    Also, if you do not know how to FTP, this method is probably not for you. You should only use this method if you already know how to ftp a file to your jtag.

    If it still doesn't work there are 2 possibilities:
    1. You downloaded a bad iso
    2. The program you used to extract the files from the iso corrupted the files.

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