First Dummy + Exploration - Act 1 Chapter 2

XncsX Sep 30, 2011

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    Whats up everyone, xRYAN350x cP here showing you how to perform the FIRST Dummy glitch in Gears of War 3. The dummy was found back in 2006 when gears of war 1 dropped, it was re-found in Gears of War 2 and has now been found for the 3rd time in Gears of War 3. There is a voice tutorial at the end of the video and for those who like the extra help I'll throw in a text tutorial for you as well.


    Step 1: Get to the spot shown in the video in the chapter [Abandon Ship] on [Act 1] Once you've gotten to the wall shown, walk through it.

    Step 2: Have your friend block you in and slowly edge your character around your friends character. [You MUST be careful not to edge too far around him otherwise you will fall and die]

    Step 3: Once you're in a good spot, have your friend exit the wall and hold [X] to open the door. This will create a barrier around you.

    Step 4: Once the barrier is around you, hold forward and move your camera slightly to the left until your character pops out and starts floating or falling. [Depending on weather you fall or not will be determined by your connection to the host. If it is a good connection with little lag you will easily float in the air. If it is a bad connection with lots of lag spikes then you will most likely fall under the map.]

    Step 5: Explore and enjoy [Be careful not to look or move to much to the left, otherwise you'll run the risk of getting kicked out of the dummy and have to restart it again.]

    I hope you guys enjoyed the video and tutorial and I'll catch you next time.

    Glitch Found By - OrangeKing cP

    Song: Egypt Central - Enemy Inside (Part 2)

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