Final Fantasy XIV:ARR 41 Level Dungeon Guide: The Stone Vigil

happytrinity May 20, 2014

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    As a newbie in FF14, i have to say the difficult of raid is greatly increased after the Level 40. To combat with final boss again and again make me desperate! So, each time we face with Boss should prepare for the worst. Let’s go now!
    In this dungeon, except the fixed area monster, there is a mighty big dragon. While, you don’t have to worry about it, your team don’t need to play it blindly with other monsters.
    The First Boss: Chudo-Yudo
    It is a huge Crawling creatures, every once in a while it would run to the edge of area and casts Swinge random. While it is obviously you can notice when monster want cast it, so you should try to stay behind him. Well, it is easy to deal with it!
    The Second Boss: Koshchei
    Another huge crawling creature, and you should pay attention on the three cannons in Koshchei’s lair. At the begin, Tank should pull this guy to the doorway, and the other three players beside cannons. When the screen shows “Isgebind Descends form the Skies”, there is a fly dragon would come which create AOE damage to you team. There are lots of whirlwinds deal huge DoT damage if you stay inside it. At this time, the players close to the cannons is able to interact right away.
    Final Boss: Isgebind
    This huge monster not only can craw but also it can fly! Well, this dragon is the emphasis in this dungeon! In addition to the high DPS and nasty Ice AoE attack, his main mechanic is to fly into the air multiple times throughout the flight, swoops down to do an ice breath attack and then continue.
    1.Tank pull the boss, and others stand behind the back. When the Boss cast Ice AoE attack, there is a skill bar would appear over the Isgebind, now it is time to avoid it!
    2.When the boss first time fly into the sky, it will swoop down along a straight line, there is a white light on the ground hint you. Now, run!
    3.When the boss second time fly into the sky, it would swoop down with less ice breath attack.
    4.After that, each time dragon fly into the sky, there are lots ice breath attack damage and twice swoops down with random. Therefore, the fight is about positioning and making sure you dodge this AoE attack.
    5.Each time, the Boss would land on the person who has highest fury, and cast skill with knockback area damage. If you are the TANK, try to keep safety distance with your allies.

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