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mOnolith Apr 12, 2014

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    I wanted to make a list of file hosting sites to help out the posters,and anyone thinking of changing hosting sites,and for me to pay back a little,in some way for all the great resources ive found here we go....
    (Premium User:Unlimited download speeds, up to 10Gb/s,File up to 10gb.Free user Download files up to 2GB,Download speed up to 250kb/s.)
    (Download files up to 5 Gigabytes with Premium,Unlimited file storage.)
    (Download speed: up to 100 MB/s.max upload size:10GB.You can download any file less than 2,5Gb from absolutely free.)
    (File size:Up to 2 GB, 10 files max)
    (No information found on website regarding size etc!)
    (File size:Free:1gb.Pro:5gb)
    (File size:up to 10000 Mb, 1 files max)
    (Free User:400 MB upload,1 File max.Registered User:500 MB upload,3 Files max.Premium User:Unlimited upload size,Unlimited Files.)
    (File size:up to 10000 Mb)
    (Upto 1000mb,1 file max.interesting feature on this site is that it lets you view files that are uploaded..almost like browsing a store,could be useful to find specific titles.)
    (Up to 2000 Mb, 2 files max)
    (Up to 2048 Mb, 10 files max)
    (Up to 2048 Mb, 5 files max)
    (We are currently offering files up to 1GB in size for upload)
    (Max upload file size :free 10 Mb.registered:1024 Mb.Premium: no limit )
    (Free:500mb upload,50gb storage space.Premium:no limit storage space:1000mb upload.)
    (Member:size limit 1gb. Anonymous:maximum size 400mb)
    (The download link is valid for 10 minutes, after which it expires and is invalidated, meaning the transfer cannot take place. You would have to click the "Create Link" button to generate a new unique download link.Everything is streamed from source to destination through our service, and no file contents are recorded on our servers.)
    (Total size is 10GB)1 TB of Storage Space with paid plan)
    (Up to 100 Mb, 5 files max,200MB for Premium members)
    (Up to 2048 Mb, 5 files max,Get Paid For Uploads)
    (Share Huge Files, Free Account: Max 200MB,Premium Account: Max 2GB)
    (A multi upload site,upload to depositfiles,NOTALLOWED and many others)
    (A multi upload site,upload to ryushare,depositfiles,bitshare and many others)
    (Free:1000mb,1 file max,Premium:Upload/download files up to 5GB)
    (Upload-Up to 400 Mb, 2 files max,Premium-Upload up to 2GB sized files,Download files up to 10 Gigabytes )
    (Free:Up to 400 Mb, 1 files max,Premium upload files up to 5 GB,)
    (500 GB personal storage,Upload max 2 GB size file)
    (Free user:max upload file size:1gb,storage space 500gb)
    ((50gb free storage,Free account:Maximum Individual File Size 200mb,Personal account:50 gig storage,max file size:1gig,Pro account:250gig storage,4gig max file size,Business account:1tb storage,10gig max file size.))

    (2.000 MB split archive allowed,Duration of storage: 30 days of inactivity,Upload Limit unlimited,20 simultaneous downloads for Premium users,one simultaneous download for free users)(2.000 MB split archive allowed,Duration of storage: 30 days of inactivity,Upload Limit unlimited,20 simultaneous downloads for Premium users,one simultaneous download for free users)
    (Unlimited storage space,and it's free of charge)
    (100% Free,No Download Limits,Up to 200MB per File,Unlimited Disk Space,No Sign Up Required.)
    (Maximum file size 500 MB - Split archives allowed)
    (Free membership:download limited to 10 Gb by day)
    ( New: 5 GB max filesize for everyone)
    (Up to 1000MB per file, 10 files max per upload.Downloads are unlimited and uploads are unlimited up to your 50GB storage space.)
    (Free user:50gig storage space.Pro 1 user:500gig storage,1tb bandwidth.Pro2 user :2tb storage,4tb bandwidth.Pro3 user:4tb storage,8tb
    (Unlimited upload with Premium,No other information found on website)
    (Premium account:Upload files upto 4gigs,Secure & unlimited file storage have all your files highly secured in 1
    single location forever. Free:1gig download limit,files kept on server 30 days.)
    ( Up to 10144 Mb, 50 files max) no other information on website that i can see,good downloads speeds though!
    (Basic :storage space 25 GB, max file size;2 GB,storage time for files:permanent.Personal :storage space 100 GB, max file size 4 GB,storage time for files:permanent.Professional:storage space 250 GB, max file size:6 GB,storage time for files: Permanent.
    Guest Users: 1 GB Maximum File size, No Storage Space,Slow Download Speed,No Download Delay .
    Free Members: 2 GB Maximum File size,500 GB Storage Space,Slow Download Speed,No Download Delay.
    Premium Member:5 GB Maximum File size,Unlimited Storage Space,Super Fast Download Speed,No Download Delay.
    Free Registered Premium Max upload file size 500 Mb 1024 Mb 5120 Mb Storage space - 500 GB No limit Download volume Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Remote URL upload - [​IMG][​IMG]Download-Accelerators support [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]Downloads resume [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]No downloads delay 30 seconds 10 seconds [​IMG]No downloads captcha - - [​IMG]No Advertisements - - - When are your files deleted? 7 days after last download 30 days after last download.
    *Note this is a polish site and i could'nt find any information on website about file sizes etc...
    Download type: Free
    Download speed: Unlimited
    Maximum parallel downloads: Unlimited
    Download restriction: None
    Direct/Hot Linking: No
    Downloads start instantly: Yes
    Fast download even with busy servers: Yes
    Support for resuming downloads: Yes
    Support for download accelerators: No
    Up to 2048 Mb, 12 files max(no other information available)
    Max 10 files!
    Max 50 GB per file!
    (50GB Free)

    hopefully this can help some one out...will add more as i find them...
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    Australia ~ Candy Kingdom ~ Silent Hill
    Xbox nuff said screw the others :p
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    its not a competition just a resource ...but no love from me for mega....having to have specific browers for it to work properly,files not downloading correctly all the time...firedrive (ex NOTALLOWED)now that's a good fast, new site....

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