Fifa 14 Ultimate Team- Help/Build team?

jbuzzy12 May 20, 2014

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    Hi all, was wondering if anyone could help me or give me any advice. First of all i got a bundesliga squad 41212 which i love so OP in a way have had it since the start of fifa near enough. All Defenders have ancors whilst everyone else has a hunter on them. Ive also read that chemistry styles to matter and some players wont perform that great if the right one isnt applied is that true?

    Looking to create a second squad thats either fake or OP if that makes sense? (dont hate please :blind: ) Have literally had enough recently of the game, i literally just keep losing stupid games, the most annoying thing is for example like earlier on today I need 1 point from 3 games to get promotion however lost all of them.Sounds stupid but if anyone has any advice or anything like that i would be grateful, been screaming so loud in anger at my television recently lol. Sometimes I feel like my players are just playing really sloppy, sloppy passing, no movement, whilst the opposition is absolutely all over me especially happens when i play someone whos squad is roughly around 10k.

    I have 1.3 million to spend just sold TOTS Reus, Alaba, Sokratis, Kroos and TOTY Lahm.

    Thank you for your time, hope someone can help me Thats my squad

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