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XPGBuSh Aug 18, 2012

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    EA SPORTS will be partnering with Nexon to bring FIFA Online 3 to Korea. It will arrive later this year.

    FIFA 13 Ultimate Team is a social ecosystem of connection and competition. You can access it from FIFA’s main menu. You can spend coins, trade players, and more.

    You can now access your Ultimate Team information at any time through the EA SPORTS mobile app or the FIFA website.

    Rutter: “No two matches will ever be the same.”

    Fans have played almost 1 billion matches this year in FIFA Seasons mode.

    Seasons will be expanding with a new 2v2 online co-op mode and persistent squad saves. Division titles will be available for all divisions. And there’s a new trophy cabinet! Add trophies to your collection as you progress through the game.

    EA SPORTS Football Club is also introducing Match Day. Hear real-world developments through FIFA’s in-game commentary.

    Match Day will also affect gameplay. In-game stats will reflect on-pitch performance. Fixtures will change based on what’s happening in the real world.

    Some key points:

    Can't hack virtual pros anymore, the data is being stored on the servers now.

    No more boosting your pro through offline modes.

    Goalkeeper pros will no longer be fully assisted.

    Clubs now has seasons mode! YES!

    Online Pro and CPU teammates stats based off real top players from top leagues.

    Maxed out pros more realistic to real life players. Accomplishments and growth have been tuned

    Matchmaking allows you to filter anys and human goalkeepers... <3.

    AI teammates get better as your club improves.

    Free agent hub allows you to play drop-in matches before joining a club.

    New! Trophy Cabinet… show off your silverware and unlock better cabinets along the way

    Division Titles! Basic promotion is ok, but winning the title = GLORY

    Returning players will also receive a bonus/reward.

    Demo drops September 11 and the teams are:

    AC Milan
    Borussia Dortmund
    Manchester City

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