Fallout 4 Xbox One Will Support Mods

Bullet Jul 6, 2015

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    Fallout 4 developers Bethesda have announced that the Xbox One version will support mods, which is great news for the Xbox modding community.

    In a recent Tweet Bethesda revealed plans to allow mod sharing from PC to Xbox One consoles in early 2016. The studio also hopes to bring modding support to PS4 consoles, too.


    Console modding support is something that appears to be trending amongst studios lately, not only have Bethesda shown interest in supporting mods on the Xbox One, but recently Just Cause developers have also announced that they would like to support modding on the Xbox One console.

    Bethesda’s Todd Howard not only announced that all mods created on the PC for Fallout 4 can be transferred and played on Xbox One, he also revealed that the feature will be free to use.
    In addition, to this amazing news, it was also revealed that all copies of Fallout 4 will come with Fallout 3, for free.

    Modders have been quick to jump into modding Fallout 4 and mods are already begining to surface.
    One modder going by the name of 'Zealotlee' has already modded the rail gun and posted images on Imgur which can be seen below.


    Zealotlee says that the Rail Rifle will have multiple modifications available, each modification will alter the gun's performance in some way. So far you will be able to choose different barrels, muzzle breaks, stocks, and soon to be grips. Optics will be available as well.

    These mods will be imported into Fallout 4 as soon as the game releases. We are sure many more mods will pop up soon enough, so sure in fact that we have now added a Fallout 4 Xbox One modding forum to XPG which can be found here.

    What are your thoughts about modding on the Xbox One, will be happy to see modding support or would you prefer that mods were kept to PC only? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.
    Fallout 4 is out November 10.
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