Fallout 4: Pip-Boy Edition

zesp4 Jun 15, 2015

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    So as you all know, Fallout 4 has been offically confirmed at E3 2015, and boy does it look good.
    They have been making this since 2009 right after Fallout 3. Die hard fans were a bit disappointed that they didn't hear anything before now about it. But hey, if we had of know then they wouldn't have worked as hard on it. Expecting great things with this edition.

    Anyway, Bethesda has announced the pip-boy edition of the game which will include lots of goodies for that gamer who just needs to have it all, as this will be a nice treat for you.

    The package will include a wearable pip-boy, a pip-boy pocket guide, a ROBCO Industries stand, a Vault-Tech, Perk Poster, the game with a collectible metal case all enclosed in a Capsule Case.

    If you haven't already seen the screenshots here they are below. It will be released November 10th. Costing $119.99





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