Fallout 4 Modders Need Your Help!

Grizzy Mar 2, 2018

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    Depending on your personality… I’d guess that either Fallout 3 or Fallout: New Vegas was your favorite Fallout game. And if I’m right, and if you’re playing on PC, you may want to check out the progress of these mods that are working on recreating the entirety of those two older titles within Fallout 4.

    Similar to Skywind or Skyblivion, two mods that seek to recreate an older Elder Scrolls title (Morrowind or Oblivion) within the Skyrim engine, “Capital Wasteland” has the goal of rebuilding the entire Capital Wasteland with Fallout 4’s Creation Engine. And the mod authors really mean everything: quests, dialogue, and all locations!

    This seems like a daunting task, but their progress is really coming along quite well. Their latest pre-alpha gameplay video -- just released a few days ago -- shows off parts of the Wasteland Metro system and a quest.

    But they need your help!

    “If you're a 3D or 2D artist with experience in Autodesk Software (other programs accepted), take a moment and think about joining the Road To Liberty Team to help blaze through this Fallout 3 Remake Faster!”

    I’ll post the links to how you can get involved below, but first I wanted introduce you to the Fallout 4 New Vegas project with their latest video update.

    In the video they show off the revamped Karma and Faction system that made New Vegas far superior to Fallout 3 for a lot of people. The F4NV project has been (and still is) coming along slowly, and they could use your help to speed things up. They even have a job application for you to fill out, which i'll post below.

    Since this is just a project of passion --- they aren’t being paid by Bethesda or anything -- no solid release date has been given for either mod. However the Capital Wasteland team has stated that they have already recreated at least 40 percent of Fallout 3’s wasteland, and the scripting team has redone some of the mainline quests from the original game too.

    Unfortunately, both mods are already well past the limitations set by Bethesda.net, so neither will be available on console when they’re completed... :(

    Capital Wasteland Info

    Main website. Go here to learn about the team and how you can join.
    capitalwasteland.com: Home

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fallout4cw/
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RoadToLibertyMods/
    Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/RoadToLibertyMods/

    Fallout 4: New Vegas Info

    www.f4nv.com: Fallout 4 New Vegas - Home

    Apply here to join the team:
    F4NV - Apply

    Facebook: https://facebook.com/TeamF4NV/
    Twitter: @Project_F4NV
    Instagram: Fallout_4_New_Vegas
    Tumb1r: https://fallout4newvegas.tumblr.com

    Community Discord
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