Fallout 4 Could Be Called “Shadow of Boston” [HOAX]

Nasyr Dec 28, 2014

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    Bethesda has recently released hints about the new game all gamers are dying for, Fallout 4. Now there never announced, or made it official that there even was going to be a Fallout 4, as they didn't announce anything at the Game Awards on December 5th, 2014. But high suggestion leads us to believe that something new will be taking the stand for the huge company. Everyone has known the Fallout series and just believed the next one to be the same name but, no. Theories suggest the name will be changed and different oppose to following the theme name much longer on. The trademark to the patent they warranted on October 25th, only to be finished November 5th released the name "Shadow of Boston."

    People are hoping that Bethesda will finally make an announcement of the new game at the upcoming events. Except in the form of Fallout: Shadow of Boston, which is to be expected. Not everyone agrees or understands the name at most but, it follows the theme of the game and where it is said to be based. The only other way this could be untrue is if they released this information to spark interest and really this will only be the name of a movie or TV show they plan to make later on. What do you guys think of the new name that is said to come? Can this change your thoughts or aspects on the game? Or maybe the chance of not even getting it because of the new name?

    The patent of proof that shows the release of the name


    How hard would it be too believe that yet another quick one was pulled over your guys heads? The first problem with this kind of thinking is that the IMDB listing for Shadows was probably crap. For starters, the cast list mentioned Ron Perlman, who's already said he's not coming back for another Fallout game. You don't even need to dive that deep to realize the listing was fake, though. Just the fact that anyone can make a free account on IMDB and build whatever listings they want ought to make you instantly suspicious. The fact that the listing's been removed since it was first published ought to be another indication that it's not genuine. "But the title says Boston! That's the same setting that casting documents mentioned!" Well, here's the thing: that initial report about Boston came out nearly a year ago. That means that anyone who fabricates a rumor about Fallout 4 knows that everyone believes the game is set in that city. Their hoax is going to make at least a passing mention to Boston to make it seem more believable. ​

    Credits to CinemaBlend for the Hoax explanation ​
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