Fallout 4: Breaking Sales Records

Nasyr Nov 16, 2015

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    Fallout 4 has been a completely insane game with an insane release. The game has not been out a long time and is already breaking and accomplishing records it never thought it could. Within the first day of sales they have reached a maximum of 12 million copies distributed. In the sales it equals out to $750 million and still on the rise. It is making record sales across all platforms and is truly a huge step in succession for the company. Bethesda is set to distribute another million copies to retailer stores due to such a high demand and stores already running low on copes to give out. It is said that new content is already coming to the game but, it is undetermined what that will be yet. The fan base has said the game is more addicting yet annoyingly hard than any other game they have ever played before.​
    Also, to spice up the news a little bit.. They have said that since the release of Fallout 4 in the impressive sales it has caused pron sites to go down in activity. The game is so appealing that many have taken away from sexual sites to play this game in it's place. This affects the sites majorly and they're not sure how long this will last against them. In my person opinion I think it is absolutely hilarious that this game would be the downfall to sexual sites but, I guess that could be a good thing. Maybe this can be the first game to set a record for running pron sites out of business, unheard of.​
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