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Fable Legends delivers the "dark fairytale" Albion fans have asked for, says Lionhead

Rocky Jan 10, 2014

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    Fable Legends is a departure for the franchise in some respects, a "return to roots" in others. On the one hand: mandatory four player co-op with either humans or AI! Player-controlled villains! And on the other, a world that's much closer in feel to that of the original Fable.

    "Albion is why I love Fable," observed Brooks in a post spotted by The Examiner. "As I said before, to be able to contribute to one of my favourite game universes is a real privilege. It's also a lot of responsibility. We owe it to all you Fable fans to build a world worthy of the name.

    "We get a lot of fan feedback about the direction Albion has taken over the course of its development, and one of the things we hear a lot is people's preference for magic over the more industrial direction of Fable 3. This is a view shared by many here at Lionhead, and you'll be pleased to hear we've taken this on board for Fable Legends."

    The Albion of Legends is relatively unspoilt - and very hazardous. "One of our main objectives was to get back to Fable's dark fairytale roots," Brooks continued. "We want to take you back to a time when Albion was young and full of magic, to a world that's dangerous, wild and ripe for adventure. The game will see you explore a time centuries before Fable 1, though after the world has recovered from the collapse of the Old Kingdom. You'll see a lot less technology, and far more raw magic, than other Fables.

    "In many ways, this is Albion at its most pastoral and primitive. The land is a patchwork of small villages and towns, islands in a sea of hostile forest. It's too risky for your average bumpkin to travel, so communications are limited and people are suspicious of outsiders. Each place has its own distinct customs and ways of relating to the magic that surrounds them. Even villages just the other side of the hills have enough funny accents, odd clothes and bizarre turnip-rituals to make strangers really seem strange.

    "While magic is more common, it's also uncontrolled," he added. "Strange and dangerous creatures lurk everywhere outside the safety of the campfires and village walls. As a result, most people are content to travel only by listening to old stories, tales of a world far too scary to wander into."

    Among those brave enough to sally forth are, of course, the Heroes of Albion. There are now a multitude to choose from and evolve, rather than just the one.



    Source - OXM

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    Can not wait for this enjoyed the last few fables. And can not wait for this one next year.
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    This game is gonna be amazing, But Fable Anniversary will have to keep me happy until then ;)
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