Preview F1 Race Stars Gets Four New DLC Tracks

Rocky Jan 8, 2013

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    The rather colourful and thoroughly enjoyable F1 Race Stars is set to receive four new circuits via DLC, Codemasters has announced.

    Releasing today, you have a choice tracks in Canada, China, India and Spain, details of which you can find below. Each track costs 400 MSP. You can queue them for download here and there's more screens in the gallery.

    Canada Track Pack
    The Canada Track Pack presents players with the ultimate winter racing wonderland! Speed past snowmen, dodge grumpy groundhogs, race across a frozen river and more as the F1 Race Stars get cool and crazy in Canada.

    China Track Pack
    Who will become the glorious leader in China? The China Track will see players join the cast of F1 Race Stars in the electric East. From a Shanghai start, it’s a race through ornamental water gardens and past a huge dragon statue that hides a surprise short cut.

    India Track Pack
    The heat is on in incredible India! In the India Track Pack, players must make their move through a mountain railway pass, overtake in the overgrown ruins and power through a palace’s gardens and more.

    Europe Track Pack
    The Europe Track brings the F1 Race Stars to Valencia. Race through a marina, slice and dice through the docks, speed across super-slippery ice and dodge flying tomatoes as the F1 Race Stars speed through Spain.

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    Source - X360A

    This is one piece of DLC I shall be getting as the Game is good fun!

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