Extract Bits Of PS4 Trophies With This .TRP Extractor

ADDZ Mar 27, 2014

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    Extract Bits Of PS4 Trophies With This .TRP Extractor

    Like many PS4 modding projects, this one is far from a stage of completion. That being said, it's still rather impressive. Red-EyeX32 of ps4hax has somehow managed to extract a portion of PS4 trophies so that gamers can take a deeper look at the files that make them up. To be fair the majority of the usable contents are just image files, but there's plenty of time yet for greater advancements. The biggest problem being, that the packaged .esfm files are encrypted. The next step toward making this tool work is to crack that code. Check out more details from the developer below.


    Sup guys,

    Just a little thing I had been working on for quite some time now. This here will let you extract Playstation 4 .trp files and extract the files in the container. There are mostly .png and .esfm files inside the container. All the .esfm files are encrypted from what I have seen which needs more further investigation. I have been working with intelligent people trying to get these files decrypted. From what I have heard .esfm files are encrypted .xml files just like how PS3's trophy files were. Anyways here's a pic of the tool.

    Thanks to Jakes625 for being helpful :)

    Download HERE

    Source: dashhacks
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    great share there ADDZ ;)

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