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Evolve’s monster skill progression appears to have changed at its core.

XPG Darkside Apr 29, 2014

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    Evolve developer Turtle Rock Studios seems to have changed the way its alien monsters progress through each 4v1 match, according to a new preview out of IGN.


    (Above: the new Goliath upgrade menu)

    According to the preview, Turtle ROck’s initial build saw the Goliath alien evolve by eating wildlife around the map, until eventually it had unlocked all four of its special abilities – pounce, fire-breath, rock-throw, and charge.

    Now, the site is reporting that he mechanic has been altered so that players start with three points that they can use to unlock three powers. At each new evolution, they will be awarded three more points that can be used to upgrade unlocked powers or acquire the fourth, but now they will not have enough points to max out all four powers.

    A 2K rep told the site that each extra stat point increases a Goliath skill strength by 15-25%.

    It appears to be the new, set-in-stone method of progression for now.

    We’ll have more on this as it develops.

    Source IGN
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