Episode 5 of The Walking Dead 'No Time Left' Trailered, Coming Tomorrow (Contains Spoilers)

Rocky Nov 20, 2012

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    With the conclusion to Telltale Games' awesome The Walking Dead series winging its way to the Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow, there's a launch trailer doing the rounds to whet your appetite.

    Finally tying together all of the pivotal decisions and loose ends that you've been working towards since episode one released, The Walking Dead Episode 5 'No Time Left' brings the season to a close, as Lee Everett and Clementine strive to find their way home.

    From Macon to the deadly streets of Savannah, Georgia, it's been a long and epic journey, and it all ends in episode 5 tomorrow on XBLA for 400 Microsoft Points. Check out The Walking Dead episode 5 trailer below, as well as the SPOILER-FILLED stats video for episode 4. Don't watch it unless you've completed episode 4!



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