[Easy Way] How to update your console to 16747 the easy way.

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    First off you need to download J-Runner v0.3B​
    Direct .exe link: http://bit.ly/1iiqc4w

    Download Core Pack: http://bit.ly/K8z3OP

    Download 16537 Additional Files: http://goo.gl/HZff44

    Demon Drivers: http://goo.gl/mhPPG
    Next, you need to turn on your console and dump your nand with Flash 360.​
    Press Back up nand and wait for it to complete.​
    Move your flashdmp.bin to your flash drive it is located in the directory you placed Flash 360.​
    Now, open up dashlaunch and go to the Configurator Tab, Make sure that you enable udpserve​
    When you have enabled udpserv open up J-Runner and press Load Source, Find your nand that you dumped and press Ok​
    under the xebuild section select update mode, then press update​
    after you have pressed update your console should reboot and will be on the latest dashboard​
    if you have received a KV error in the terminal after selecting update you can safely ignore it because your CPU key does not match the KV.​

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