EA Dump Surfaces, Changing Passwords Advised

Bullet Oct 17, 2015

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    Electronic Arts appears to have suffered a database breach, although the company state otherwise.EA claim to have found no evidence that any information in the firm’s database was breached, however details have been posted up on Pastebin which contain personal information related to several hundred accounts beginning with the letters A through F Which would suggest that either not all the information has been leaked to Pastebin , or the database dump was interrupted.
    Since there is some air of doubt as to whether or not EA has been the victim of a database dump or not, it is strongly advisable that you change your EA Origin password anyway.

    It would seem that the database was not fully dumped due to the fact that Gmail address and some passwords were listed but not all entries contained complete data.
    According to EA some of the email addresses shown were inactive Origin accounts, whilst others were part of previous data breaches of Adobe, Patreon and Bitcoin Security Forum.

    In an official statement, EA said that they would take steps to secure any EA or Origin account with user ID matching the accounts posted to Pastebin. No mention of how they would do this was revealed.

    When reached for comment, EA sent the following statement to CSO Online:
    “At this point, we have no indication that this list was obtained through an intrusion of our account databases. In an abundance of caution, we’re taking steps to secure any account that has an EA or Origin user ID that matches the usernames on this list. As always, we encourage all players to safeguard their account credentials and use unique usernames and passwords on all online accounts.”
    You can have a look if your information has been leaked online by heading over to Have I Been Pwned as the original Pastebin post has been removed.
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