Dynasty Warriors 6 Full Legit Saveset DW6 European [PAL][Legit Order]

Jbrizzel Sep 21, 2012

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    File Name: Dynasty Warriors 6 Full Legit Saveset DW6 European [PAL]
    File Submitter: Jbrizzel
    File Submitted: 21 Sep 2012
    File Updated: 21 Sep 2012
    File Category: Xbox360 Legit Order Saves

    Save-set created by: Faresss aka Saree3
    Fixed / Submitted by: Jbrizzel

    Jbrizzel here to keep everyone happy! I spent the last 3 hours fixing this whole complete PAL version that Faresss aka Saree3 has made. What he did was rename all the saves from the North American set that he originally did and converted all the saves to be in PAL format which was the root cause of the problem. However, the first 3 saves loaded and popped the achievements fine but after the past 3rd save, none of the saves loaded properly. So what I did was made a legit save of my own from the PAL version and then extracted the container files out of every single one of the original saves that were provided and then injected all the saves into my legit save!

    I know that sounds maybe a bit hard to understand, but I'm just explaining everything I had to do which took a great amount of work and time. I already tested the saves so they should be working fine now! Make sure you rehash/resign!

    I will also be starting on the Chinese / Japanese / Korean versions as well so once I'm done, I will upload them soon.

    Original Info:

    This is a full saveset for Dynasty Warriors 6 European version. I will post the Korean version later on after I convert all the files.

    All of the files are made by myself except for the last 2 saves which came from the set available on different websites. They were origionally made from the North American version (Played an Asian NTSC J version). The files may look to have odd sizes. They still work as usual (Verified on 2 accounts).

    This set will allow you to pop each acheivement independently. This is ideal for online unlocking. It will look 100% legit.

    After resigning, load each save in turn, then go to Options & save the file again to pop the acheivement. Do that with all the saves.

    The suggested waiting times are my own. If you want to play it safe, use the suggested times. I do not know the exact times for the last 2 acheivement so use your judgement.

    Compresed using 7z to save space. Winrar will open them like normal rar files.

    This saveset has never been posted anywhere before (except for the last 2 files). They are exclusive to XPG.

    More to come... [​IMG]

    Faresss aka Saree3​

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