Dying Light still has a new expansion coming: The Following

FreddyZVoorhees Jul 29, 2015

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    Fortunately, Techland has not abandoned their game of zombies with parkour and has just officially announce a new major expansion for the game.
    The Techland today announced the further expansion of Dying Light, to be called The Following, it will be a focused expansion pack for new features and a whole new story.
    Dying Light: The Following will contain fully 'drivable' buggies, as well as a new map of the same size as all other Dying Light maps combined.
    Tymon Smektala:
    ''In Dying Light: The Following are adding a large number of changes in the game to create a major expansion. It will look great and will give a new taste to the game. The new map is the size of all others combined, so we're putting a lot of things in this expansion.
    We are also eyeing the comments of the players to improve what we are creating. We hope the ppessoas see that this new expansion was created thinking of the fans.''
    The new expansion will be available separately, but will also be free for all who buy the Season Pass.
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