DriveClub Receives A New Update

Nasyr Feb 23, 2015

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    A new DriveClub patch that has again appeared onto the game. This isn't something new for people that have owned this game since the beginning, since there is quite a few patches out there, all of them in total are 6.56GB. If you feel like getting this game, or have any interests at all, I wouldn't be expecting to play it in the first night you get it. All these updates will atleast take until the next morning, until you can play. Not that big of a hassle but, very annoying for those looking forward to playing the game right away. New patch 1.11 that is 690 MB is now available for download and patches some important things. These items included the trophies, and updating the expansion packs.

    The expansion pack Midnight Tour and Downforce are said to be releasing soon and this patch was really just the set up for the base of it. You will be able to get these packs in the stores on the 23rd for North America, Japan, and Europe. The only issue is that Asia won't be able to be this expansion pack until the 4th of March. And as I said before in a previous article for XPG... There are also talking about adding more cars, ranks, private lobbies, replaying certain scenes/matches, and changes to the way drifting is scored. And if you haven't already heard.. There is said to be a new app that PlayStation Plus users will be able to access on there phone, for DriveClub. ​
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