Dragon Age: Inquisition New DLC Confirmed?

Nasyr Feb 11, 2015

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    Don't worry gamers, there for sure has been a confirmation to the third DLC being released for this eye stomping, head rolling, mouth dropping... game. If those weren't enough expressions for you, then I suggest you get excited! So it has recently been posted by a member of the Bioware workers on Twitter that there will soon be more downloadable content for this game. It also entailed that it's in development, which when they announce that I would get ready for it to come out fairly soon! As you would expect.. There is not very much detail released with this besides the suspicions that will drive us absolutely crazy until release. Although, we can basically infer what to expect and what really we can look forward to. We can't too out of proportion here because I don't know enough to say so...

    So basically what we can suspect and infer is that this DLC will be based and or related to the main character in this story. It seems also that there will be new patches and updates to be coming out along with this release. These will fix complication people are having for the PC version of the game seeing it was just released last week. This new news is really what people wanted to hear as they only really seen talk of the multiplayer mode, which isn't a issue but, people are really more interested in what updates are coming to there single player mode as it's been quite awhile since anything was done to it. They want people to know that they will not abandon any certain parts of the game, simply that they are very busy. ​
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