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Bullet Jan 26, 2014

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    This is a standalone drag and drop Xbox 360 resign / hash tool created by Begallegal1. Simple to use and super functional, this resigner allows you to store up to 5 different profile ids at any time, with advanced options to name the profiles to ensure you are suing the correct profile. This is useful and important when using gamesaves, because for good practice you should always test gamesaves out on a dummy profile to ensure there are no unexpected surprises on your main profile, after all nobody wants to get reset right?

    About begallegal1:

    Begal is not only one of our sites administrators, but he is also a member of Team XPG. He is constantly striving to learn and experiment with different programming languages and has turned out some amazing applications along the way, not only for Xpgamesaves but for the community.

    More releases from this developer:

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    Quake 4 +2 x360 trainer

    Galaga Legions Dx: X360 +10 Trainer

    About Drag and Drop Xbox 360 resigner:

    File Name: DragNDrop Resigner ~TeamXPG~

    File Submitter: begallegal1

    File Submitted: 25 Jan 2014

    File Category: Xbox 360 Mod Tools

    Drag N Drop Resigner Video demo:


    This is a rehashing-resigning tool used to sign CON files (game saves etc)
    to your prefered profile and console ID's. It's packed full of user features
    and settings, all of which are stored to save the user time upon the next use.

    Drag and drop file loading
    Browsing type file loading
    File description, type, name, and picture display
    5 slots to save ID's from profiles
    Message box confirmation of ID save action including slot # and ID's
    5 slots to load your saved id's when resigning
    Tray notification of resign action including file name and ID's
    Log all resign events to text file showing file name and ID's being signed to
    Drop down box to show saved ID information at all times
    Edit mode to allow user to assign a name to each save slot, and/or edit the ID's
    Output window to show actions performed by the app
    Option to auto-reload the app clearing all info to speed up your work time
    Auto resign option will run the resign process when a file is loaded into the app
    Drop to tray with notification when minimized

    Processes and options Video:

    Virustotal scans and Hash information:

    Archive scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/dac831418ccfbfbe8d1ec49a6e8dbc36cd39daf09c94e7d1fce1932e8e5fa289/analysis/1390654271/
    Application scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/73db5a459ef07785bab4185b0e9e047829895c1a3009ad3216b6c5519afaac49/analysis/1390654784/
    DotNetBar.dll scan: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/be090348b66d8b4a478db2c958af92a04a4bea631e346323e0a5b355cd80c0e7/analysis/1390654606/

    The author of "Hybrid Resigner" (could not find a name)
    used from it's source: rehash, resign methods and file description detail hex addresses
    all other code and app design by myself (begallegal1)
    TeamXPG Sr
    - ADDZ - XPGObyto - Bullet - BxRKings - begallegal1 -- XPGSensi420 - GoldZ - alexkyori - f1l3gr3n -
    TeamXPG Devs
    - AAW - XPGAurora - RedHulk - JohnAKAGoldGiver - MastaOfEvil - losparo - t3fury - XPGRocky - Pope

    Extra special thanks to:
    ADDZ (for suggesting that I try my hand at these apps)
    Bullet (uh huh...... :LOL: )
    losparo (for helping me with testing and offering suggestions on improvements)
    Rocky (for everything!! , testing, support, etc,etc,etc)
    t3fury (for helping tons along the way, and for contributing to the code end of this project)
    GoldZ & Sensi420 (for being who you are, and doing what you do!)



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    Awesome tool and so easy to use ;)

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