DLC Achievements Added: Angry Birds Trilogy - Fowl Tempered Pack

Rocky Mar 9, 2013

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    DLC: Fowl Tempered Pack
    Cost: 400 MSP
    Achievements: 10
    Points: 250

    Completed Bad Piggies 15
    Complete Classic Episode 8 (without the Mighty Eagle)

    Completed Surf and Turf 15
    Complete Classic Episode 9 (without the Mighty Eagle)

    Completed Back to School 15
    Complete Seasons Episode 13 (without the Mighty Eagle)

    Completed Haunted Hogs 15
    Complete Seasons Episode 14 (without the Mighty Eagle)

    Completed Winter Wonderham 15
    Complete Seasons Episode 15 (without the Mighty Eagle)

    Star-Amplifier 50
    Get 3 stars in every single level of Fowl Tempered

    Eagle-Amplifier 50
    Get 100% Eagle score in every single level of Fowl Tempered

    Boo! 30
    Smash 1000 Ghost Blocks

    Bubble Popper 30
    Spawn 500 bubbles with Pink Bird

    Handyman 15
    Collect all Golden Wrenches in Classic Episode 8

    Source - X360A

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