Preview Dishonored's Dunwall City Trials DLC Trailered

Rocky Dec 6, 2012

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    Bethesda and Arkane have released a new gameplay trailer for Dishonored's upcoming Dunwall City Trials DLC, which will stretch Corvo's abilities to the limit, with a selection of challenge maps.

    Across the 10 Dunwall City Trials challenge maps, you'll get to test your combat, stealth and mobility skills, with a bit of creativity going a long way to earning you a place on the online leaderboards. Corvo will have a range of weapons, gadgets and supernatural abilities at his disposal to take on any weepers, guards, tallboys and thugs that stand in his way.

    Check out the trailer below for a glimpse at the DLC in action. Dishonored's Dunwall City Trials will be coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace complete with new achievements on December 11th for 400 Microsoft Points.

    Source - CVG

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