Development Update: Web interface xk3y / x360Key - Steuerbar via Smartphone

ejoypad Oct 7, 2011

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    Engineers from our team have been hard at work implementing a web interface that allows you to control your xk3y from your iPhone, iPad, or any other device with a browser. Expect this feature in a firmware update in the near future! An API is also in the works, paving way for an Android app and more. (The web interface requires the xk3y WiFi dongle, which will be sold separately)

    On another note: Five more Distributors/Resellers where shipped stock today.

    The team sets xk3y mercilessly on. Latest, presented by Screentshot feature is the WiFi support via phone (the picture to see a HTC, but will also work with the iPhone and iPad).
    Using JavaScript running in the browser it is possible soon xK3y the XML files, JPG's and other JaveScript to load code or to recognize.
    On the angehangenem screenshot you see a list of games (XML list) Later, with covers (JPG support) can be displayed.
    Another cool thing about the story the way that JavaScript has to be replaced and thus create their own apps.
    The use is possible by means xK3y WiFi dongle (sold separately) and possibly via a USB hub and a normal WiFi dongle.
    Who now lags behind whom?
    Futureproof-rock-solid hardware = xk3y!

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