Destiny: Crota's End Raid Beaten In 6 Hours On PS4

Bullet Dec 9, 2014

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    The new expansion for Destiny 'The Dark Below' released earlier today and the 'Crota's End' raid has been beaten in under Six hours by Seven brave if not slightly tired guardians from Invigorate Gaming.

    The first of two confirmed Destiny expansions, The Dark Below which included new weapons and gear to help Guardians beat the new co-operative and multiplayer Activities. Invigorate Gaming say that they were level 30 when attempting the Crota's End Raid and using the new gear available in the new expansion.

    "we were all 30+ we just put on our new raid gear." ~ iNV_LtJohn5

    Some of the gear the guardians got from the raid is shown below, the rest is posted up on their Twitter feed.

    The Dark Below which is priced at £19.99/$19.99 standalone, although it can be purchased at a discount as part of the £34.99/$34.99 Destiny Expansion Pass, which will also include the game's second major add-on pack, House of Wolves.
    The new six-player Raid included in The Dark Below, Crota's End, is now live, but already beaten , congrats Invigorate Gaming, XPG salutes you.
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