Destiny Beta: The Devil’s Lair Strike Mission Exploit Found.

XPG Darkside Jul 21, 2014

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    One of the new features in the Destiny Beta is the presence of respawn-free zones. In the Alpha, players were free to fail as many times as they pleased with no consequences other than a short wait period. The challenge provided by this new tweak is a double-edged sword, as the most difficult section of the Alpha has become even more difficult.

    During “The Devil’s Lair” Strike Mission, players have to defeat a massive Devil Walker tank in order to advance. In the Alpha, players could overcome this behemoth simply through sheer will, as there was no penalty for dying over and over. Unfortunately, players will have to start from the beginning of this section if every member of their Fireteam is dead at any given time.

    Even with a strong three-person team, this tank can take up to thirty minutes to defeat. We at Hardcore Gamer understand your pain, as this section of the Beta can be extremely challenging and tiresome. Thankfully, we found a map exploit that allows you to take down the Devil Walker single-handedly in roughly ten minutes.


    Directly facing the Devil Walker is a bridge-like structure, as seen above. Simply walk under the bridge, stand in front of the snow-bank in the center of the image, and face the Devil Walker.


    When you face the Devil Walker, your viewpoint should look something like this. The tank is unable to damage you from this point, but you will be able to hit every weak point on the structure. Simply empty bullets from your weapons into the legs of the tank until you are completely out of ammo.


    Because of all the time you’ll spend shooting under the bridge, your grenade will be fully charged by the time you run out of ammo.

    When this occurs, step out from under the right side of the bridge, and lob a grenade at the constantly-spawning group of Fallen directly in front of you.

    These enemies will drop enough primary and special ammo for you to use until your grenade recharges again. Simply lather, rinse, repeat and the Devil Walker will be toast in no time at all.

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