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Destiny: Beta Ending & Information

Nasyr Aug 8, 2014

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    Bungie has thrown at us yet another good game to fantasize over. Check out the amazing sneak peek E3 trailer here. As for the recently ending Beta, everyone is now starving till the release on September 9th. The Beta went successful for many users and very few complaints filed in, according to Bungie. They also tailed behind that comment by saying, "not a lot of changes will be coming after the Betas end." ​
    As you can see in the trailer, this game looks pretty freaking awesome! I would have to say it does look a little like Halo Reach, but I hope it's more advanced. They showed the new hover craft motorcycles in action, you can call them. They can be appeared and ridden on by the push of a button. Almost seems like your using some type of super power? ​
    Bungie has recently released that this game will include expansion packs for new content. The content could be free or at a price, none decided at the moment. Bungie also stated that Destiny will be a 10-year-project. That makes me happy, knowing that Bungie is confident in what they can bring us for the future years. We have heard that MMO many times for other games, but let's hope this one sticks.​
    The developers and artists talk of there possibly being a PC version of Destiny. Yet Destiny details back saying that they are only focused on the four consoles they have to release on. Seems like the PC ides has faded away, for now. Maybe when the game gets more out there it will be able to undertake a PC version, possibly. ​
    Destiny arises in the month of September 9th, 2014 on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The bonus offers could include expansion packs and new content. Little tweaks and optimizations also may occur after the Beta has ended, so expect something new! I hope you enjoyed this article, as much as I did writing it. I look forward to the release of this game!​

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