Defiance Dev Apologies for Issues, Promises Major Patch Next Week

XPGBuSh Apr 10, 2013

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    Executive producer Nathan Richardsson took to the Defiance community blogs over the weekend to address the MMO’s issues and problems, particularly for Xbox 360 users.

    “There are problems to be solved, this is what we signed up for, gaming is what we love doing and we’re incredibly sorry that you have to go through these issues now with us,” Richardsson wrote. “We want to live up to your expectations and in some cases, we obviously aren’t. And I’m sorry for that.”

    The first major patch is planned for April 15, with a second major update to follow two weeks later. The patch—which will be released for PC, PS3, and Xbox 360—will address many of the game’s technical issues (server crashes, connection issues, lag, and more).

    “Again, our apologies,” Richardsson concluded. “After five years of creating this, it saddens us and frustrates us that you aren’t getting the great experience we strived to create. The upside is that it makes us quite determined to get you there.”

    EGM’s review of Defiance will go up later this week.

    Richardsson also mentioned that Trion has 5 add-ons for Defiance slated for release throughout 2013, but at the moment their priority is tackling the numerous issues that plague the MMO shooter.

    Source - Defiance Blog
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    I cant even play the game the server is that bad.<br><br>


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