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Dead Rising Collection spotted on Amazon

Rocky Jan 13, 2014

  1. Ro

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    Amazon UK is listing Dead Rising Collection for release on Xbox 360 on January 24, 2014.


    According to the online retailer, the £24.99 product includes 2006's Dead Rising, 2010's Dead Rising 2, and DR2 DLC packs Case Zero and Case West, all of which were released exclusively on Xbox 360.

    However, a Capcom representative has told CVG that the listing is in error as the title hasn't currently been confirmed for release.

    CVG's Dead Rising 2 review concluded: "Anybody after a polished adventure with faultless mechanics is likely to find the antiquated controls and systems too much of a stumbling block to hurdle.

    "Approach Dead Rising 2 to have fun and to mess about with the costumes, weapons and vehicles and it'll gift you weeks of content arguably more entertaining than anything else on the 360, the first Dead Rising included."

    Dead Rising 3 was released exclusively on Xbox One in November 2013. Just before Christmas, Capcom delayed the release of the first Dead Rising 3 DLC pack from December to January 21.

    Source - CVG
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