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Dead Rising 3's Fallen Angel DLC lands today

NaCLy AF Feb 11, 2014

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    Dead Rising 3's setting of Los Perdidos is home to some interesting side stories and Capcom has released a fresh one for its zombie-filled open world sandbox. Players can now step into the shoes of a new Resistance member for Dead Rising 3's Fallen Angel DLC.

    Players will play Angel, whose goal is to keep her band of Resistance fighters alive against military forces while she deals with her own inner demons. Angel will come equipped with some new weapons, including twin SMGs and some neon electricity-boosted weapons that make her look downright infamous.

    The Fallen Angel DLC will include five new weapons, two new outfits, a new Burger Van vehicle, and a new combo weapon, all of which can be taken into the game's main story mode.

    Fallen Angel is available now for $9.99 separately, or as part of Dead Rising 3's Season Pass.

    Source: ShackNews
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