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"Dead Island" Movie Back in Effect

XPGHerozHD Aug 2, 2014

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    The producer of "Dead Island" decides to give it another go and try to make the dead island movie, and its back in production. The movie is obviously going to be based totally on the dead island series game. The dead island is going to offer a unique setting that can be beyond the gaming experience, so pretty much the movie is going to offer a way better experience then the game.

    Lionsgate said that its interest in dead island first sparked by the original trailer for the game. Which then went to a million views on YouTube and a golden lion award. Producers and other companies can't wait to see what dead island is going to look like as a movie, but in my lifetime I've never really heard a zombie game going to a big screen popular zombie movie.

    So now this is really going to happen the dead island now went from game to a movie what do you guys think about a game going to a movie, especially a zombie one, in my opinion I think it's a pretty good idea because the game can easily turn into the movie because it has the right setting and design. Leave in the comments below on what you guys think about this whole idea. ;)

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