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Daylight delayed to April 28

Rocky Apr 2, 2014

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    Atlus has announced the release date for first-person horror game Daylight has been pushed back to April 29.

    The Zombie Studios developed title will release on PC and PS4 three weeks behind its original date of April 8. The publisher also released a trailer teasing the game's final area, an unnervingly well-maintained version of a hospital that was long-abandoned earlier on.

    Daylight stars a lone woman who is harried by a coven of witches dedicated to driving her mad. Her cell phone's compass and flashlight apps are her only comfort as she searches for a way to escape their clutches.

    Daylight procedurally generates its environments to keep players guessing about when and where the next scare will arrive. It also allows Twitch spectators to play sounds in the game by typing certain words - like "meow" for an unexpected cat's cry - into the chat.

    Zombie Studios is otherwise known as the developer of free-to-play shooter Blacklight Retribution.

    Daylight will be available as a downloadable game for $14.99/€14.99/£11.99.

    Source - CVG
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