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    File Name: Dash Launch
    File Submitter: EyesOnlyFile Submitted: 12 Apr 2013
    File Category: Jtag and RGH software
    Dash Launch 3.07

    Known Issues:

    - *** WARNING ***
    One of the testers observed a console reaching out to live despite liveblock only
    when fakelive or autofake was enabled. If you intend a keyvault to not get banned,
    do not use it on a glitch/jtag machine!
    - Autologin popup blob does not display properly... live with it.

    Currently the project is missing the following supported translations:
    Japanese, Korean, Chinese Simplified, Chinese traditional

    Currently supplied translations:
    English, French, Portugese, Russian, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish

    The skin pack includes the sources used to skin dash launch as well as the
    string files if anyone wishes to create a translation to one of the above
    languages (inlcuding English, as I know my explanations are not always easy to
    understand.) Also included is a c# based editor for the string files to assist
    in translation.

    External fonts, background image and skins may be used by this,
    simply place skin.xzp and/or font.ttf and/or background.png (1020x720) beside
    default.xex. If neither location has a font file supplied the system font
    on flash will be used.

    Welcome to The Next Level

    at time of this writing, this is ONLY compatible with RETAIL kernel versions:
    jtag : 9199, 12611, 12625, 13146, 13599, 13604, 14699, 14717, 14719, 15574, 16197, 16202
    glitch : 13599, 13604, 14699, 14717, 14719, 15574, 16197, 16202
    glitch2: 14717, 14719, 15574, 16197, 16202

    Overview - what it does
    - It will launch a XeX or CON file from the path you specified in launch.ini
    as long as it's valid
    - Depending on the button you hold when the xbox is trying to load the NXE, it
    will divert to the xex/con tied to that button or return to default as
    defined in launch.ini
    - At boot time it is possible to subvert default item and/or NXE loading, but
    you must wait until the controller syncs to do so
    - Depending which button is held when closing miniblade in NXE (use Y button to
    close, release then hold a QL button) it will quick launch a CON or XEX
    from your ini file
    - allows one to patch kernel/xam at bootup with a freeBOOT patch style bin file
    from usb or hdd (in that order) must be in root of the device and be named
    "kxam.patch" and be no larger than 0x4000 bytes. Again, kxam.patch binary
    format is the same as a compiled freeboot patch bin, but uses real virtual
    addresses rather than offsets - as of 2.22 the first 32bit value must instead
    be the version of the kernel the patches apply to
    - with the included patch set, launch.xex acts as a helper to detect when
    xbox1 emulator loads, allowing memory unlock patch and xbox1 emulator
    to function together

    - have the required hacked kernel version installed on the console

    - get the installer to a place where you can run it, and do so. Follow onscreen
    instructions if any. The installer will prompt you if it needs to update the
    kernel/hv patches and will give you an opportunity to configure stuff.

    - edit the options, and dont forget to save them somewhere if you want them to
    be applied next boot. Don't forget to set configapp to the installer, so
    you can go to it any time via miniblades' system settings (hold RB to go to
    real system settings)

    - the back button is your friend if you are wondering what button to push

    Updaters and Avatars
    - this version of dash launch contains an update blocker that is enabled by
    default. There are two ways around this if you wish to install the bits and
    pieces used by the dash for kinect and avatars
    1 - place the updater that matches this version on removable media, and
    rename the folder from $SystemUpdate to $$ystemUpdate
    2 - place an ini where dash launch can find it and set the noupdater option
    to false - noupdater = false
    Updates seem to work best if memory stick is inserted while in official dash
    NOTE that some games WILL prompt you to update the console if avatars are
    not installed, this doesn't mean they have an update to actually put in, it
    just means it needs avatar/kinect bins/resources to run

    - if you are like me, and keep your consoles off the net then this option is
    for you. It's capable of blocking the resolution of the LIVE specific
    servers and does so by default, with an additional option in the ini file
    it will attempt to block access to all MS servers. The default option is
    set up to block only LIVE servers, which still allows programs like FSD to
    access covers and such. The blocks lists are:



    somedomain.com$ = ends with somedomain.com
    ^somesub.somedomain = starts with somesub.somedomain
    ^somesub.somedomain.com$ = is exactly somesub.somedomain.com

    Important - going to NXE
    - if you need to go back to NXE and have default item set in ini, HOLD RB while
    exiting game via miniblade or exit using one of the miniblade options like
    family settings

    INI notes
    -it's possible to have multiple ini files, priority is as they appear in the list
    (** it is NOT recommended to launch USB con/xex from hdd ini **)
    the first one found on the devices in that order will be the one used at boot.
    -see code.jellycan.com/simpleini/ for more info on the ini parser

    autoswap option functionality
    GOD ie1:
    disk1 = Hdd:\Content\0000000000000000\01234567\00004000\01234567890123456789;
    will have 01234567890123456789.data folder beside it
    disk2 = Hdd:\Content\0000000000000000\01234567\00004000\98765432109876543210;
    will have 98765432109876543210.data folder beside it
    disk1 = Hdd:\games\somegame\disk1\default.xex;
    disk2 = Hdd:\games\somegame\disk2\default.xex;
    - GOD/NXE disk rips on the same media in the same folder will automatically
    be found with no special naming convention
    - EXTRACTED games with the naming above for each disk with the disk# folders all in
    the same folder on the same media will be found without an ini file
    - swapping between disks contained on different media is not supported

    The work herein is presented as-is, any risk is solely the end users
    responsibility. While all of us are sorry when unforseen things happen, not
    every situation or mistake can be accounted for before they have been
    spotted. Please use responsibly.

    Support (report bugs/request features)
    english: realmodsc.../14-dashlaunch/
    french/english: homebrew-conn...x.php?board=7.0

    -Big thanks to those who opened the way and those who made it even more usable.
    -Thanks to Tux, Arbiter, stk, the2000, Corrupted, tk_saturn and Toddler for all
    the bugs you caught trying to sneak by
    -Thanks AmyGrrl for passing along the glitch and new ideas
    -Thanks to Tux, Ironman, JPizzle and Dionis Fernandez for helping procure a
    Jasper big block console to extend testing and fix NAND MU corruption bug
    Dionis - you went above and beyond
    -Thanks to vgcrepairs for providing the cygnos, dash launch likely wouldn't
    exist without one
    -Thanks to the FSD team, without your cheering this rewrite would have never been completed
    -Thanks to Nate and Anthony for constantly reminding me that no, I'm not alone
    -Thanks to FBDev and mojobojo for the data used for the patch options
    -Thanks to sm32
    -Thanks to unknown, you know why
    -Extra Special thanks to SpkLeader, Boflc, and LordXBig
    -Big thanks to Swizzy, the least bit for debugging readmes
    -Thanks to XeBuild, keeping us on our toes and up to date
    -Greetz to XeDev and RgLoader
    -Thanks to Team Xecuter for thinking towards the future
    -Thanks to vladstudio.com for "night launch"
    -Thanks to Razkar for always spotting the hard to spot bugs
    -shouts out to E Nellie and D33per, thanks to you this is still a sourceless release

    ~brought to you by cOz~

    To Do
    - everything else

    Known Bugs
    - some well used NAND images with earlier versions of DL already installed seem
    incapable of being updated with larger sized files, it is recommended for
    the time being to make a clean NAND image with the most recent/up to date
    image builder if you run into this issue
    - nxe disk rips when launched from 16197+ metro still work, if you get an err
    dismiss it and launch again (it's a resource busy issue in official dash)
    - I'm sure you'll find some bugs, please see the links earlier in this doc
    for a place to post them where they will be seen

    - add 16203
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