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shadowtheninja Apr 10, 2014

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    Jan 28, 2014
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    I'm here to ask a question about one of the instructions when using a parameter editor. I'm using one from 360Haven and I keep on getting a problem I shouldn't be getting.

    As a portion of the instructions when you edit the user data 15, you're supposed to pull your USB out when you hit the "continue" option and go to select your characters in the game. Then, after you pick a character (after pulling out the USB of course) it sends you back to the "press start" screen after saying the load failed.

    Well, with my XBOX, when I pull the USB out after going to that screen, it sends me back to the freakin' dashboard! I'm playing DS2 on the disc and have my profile on the XBOX instead of the USB so I don't see why it would kick me out to the dashboard. It baffles me.

    Any way I can fix this thing? All I want is for the game not to shut down and kick me to the dashboard when I pull the USB out. I've seen it done without it going to the dash, seen here:

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