Preview Crysis 3's Multiplayer Hunter Mode Unveiled in New Vid

Rocky Nov 8, 2012

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    EA has released a new trailer for Crysis 3 showcasing the "heart-pounding" Hunter multiplayer mode that consists of five two-minute rounds wherein two Hunters fight ten CELL Troopers. Hunter mode is 2 vs. 10 battle then, with the two Hunters decked out in enhanced Nanosuits.

    Armed with the Predator composite bow, the Hunters must stalk the Cell operatives and take them out systematically one at a time. Once a CELL Trooper is killed however, they'll respawn as a Hunter, gradually tipping the balance towards the Hunters until all of the CELL squad is decimated.

    Pre-ordering Crysis 3 will grant the Hunter Edition with the "cloaking friendly" Predator bow, a unique skin for the bow and the "all-seeing" Recon arrow on "day zero". Additionally, you'll also commence multiplayer at level 5, giving you the powerful Hunter Nanosuit module perk. You'll also get a code to download the first Crysis for free.

    Check out the new Crysis 3: Hunter Edition trailer below. Crysis 3 is out in February 2013.

    Source = xbox360ach

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