Preview Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 'Operation Payback' pass offers fan-made maps.

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    Valve has launched the Operation Payback pass for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.
    [​IMG]Available for $2.99 for a limited period, it gives owners access to "the first of an ongoing series of limited-time updates aimed at rewarding CS:GO's most popular mapmakers".

    Buyers will receive unlimited access to a Classic Casual map group featuring top-voted community maps, all which are hosted on dedicated low-ping servers.

    The first group of maps includes Museum, which offers fast-paced vertical combat in a realistic urban setting; Downtown, where a high-value choke points pressure the defense to maintain map control and exposed hostage rescue zones make for tense rescues; Thunder, a large-scale recreation of the CS 1.1 hostage rescue classic; and Favela, made up of dangerous chokepoints, tense showdowns and explosive action.

    In Motel close-range indoor combat spills out into a sprawling outdoor combat arena; while Seaside offers short, fast-paced gameplay with water hazards and bombsites that encourage unique strategies. Finally, Library is a compact, labyrinthine map that encourages strategy and deception.
    Friends can be invited to Operation Payback games and play on the maps even if they don't have a pass, while pass owners will also get a one-of-a-kind upgradable challenge coin for their avatar.

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