Wii-U Could Wii U be Saved?

IIEvolution85II Jun 21, 2013

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    Wii U. Ever since the console was released.... no, ever since its name was revealed, it has been subject to jokes and slander in the video game industry.

    And let's face it: the name still sounds pretty funny. You know that ambulance joke? Yeah, that's still being used even as it starts to get old. Though Sony and Microsoft are entering the next generation, many of us consider Wii U to be very much a current-gen console, or a console between generations. It is nowhere near as powerful as PS4 and Xbox One and still does not have many games.

    Speaking of games, the thing Nintendo has probably received the most criticism on is the lack of software. Its nice to put out a brand new console, but gamers want games. I am passionate about the industry because of games. I have Wii U and I have hardly touched it since buying it on launch day. This is unfortunate- I want to want to play Wii U, but I just haven't felt the desire.

    This being said, we just got done with Nintendo's E3 Direct. Coming out of the conference, do you have a new kind of hope for Wii U? They had an interesting bunch of titles to show off, including Mario Kart 8 and the next Super Smash Bros. These are two franchises some of us have grown up with. We've had fantastic experiences playing them. Nintendo has indeed chosen the child who never grew up, playing it safe by putting out the same games we have always loved. And while we will still play these games and (probably) love them, perhaps its time for Nintendo to be bold. Mario and Zelda are two of the most popular franchises in video game history, yet wouldn't it be awesome if Nintendo were to push out something equally as or even more amazing? And... new?

    Wii U didn't start off with the best launch in a console's history. Several games, such as Pikmin 3, were delayed until the later part of 2013 even though they were supposed to be regarded as launch window titles. This is a disappointment for those of us who have been looking forward to the games, and it does diminish interest in Wii U as a primary gaming console. Sure, games have been arriving on Wii U, but it is more like a slow trickle rather than a steady stream of content.

    This year they decided to do a Nintendo Direct instead of a huge E3 conference up on stage. While they still showed off some interesting titles, it doesn't help with the atmosphere surrounding the console. Both PS4 and Xbox One had a presence on stage, with an audience, and the whole setting reeked of passion. I think we can all agree that there were some memorable moments this year. Nintendo not showing up to partake in all of this was kind of a letdown, interesting games or not. Answer me this: Would you be more/even more interested in the next Super Smash Bros. if they revealed it for the first time on a stage at E3? Maybe it wouldn't make a difference to you, but I'm someone who believes an atmosphere can make a huge difference. Super Smash Bros. is a huge deal, so I am almost certain there would be cheers and happy faces, which in turn would lead to more cheers and happy faces. Positivity can certainly lighten a place up, and Nintendo Direct was too impersonal to provide the same sort of experience as E3. Next year they will hopefully be back in action, ready to impress with some awesome new titles.

    While some people might be ready to pack up and say the console is dead, maybe we should continue to push at Nintendo. Declare our need for new content, new software. Maybe they weren't ready and are still working out kinks here and there. Maybe they have a few surprises up their sleeves (hopefully so). Whatever they're doing, do you happen to hold out hope for Wii U? What are some upcoming titles you're looking forward to playing on the console?

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