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losparo May 19, 2014

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    This free download is a cheat trainer for Conan on the Xbox 360. This trainer created by Losparo has 4 cheat options to make beating the game more enjoyable. You can check out the mods below..

    About Conan:

    Players control Conan the Barbarian from a third-person perspective while attempting to advance through the series of levels that subdivide the game. The gameplay is the same for each level: Conan moves from area to area, fighting groups of enemies until he reaches the end. At the end of certain levels, the barbarian has to fight a more powerful opponent called a boss. Defeating a boss involves a two-stage process: Conan has to inflict heavy damage on the creature and thus trigger an interactive button-pressing sequence that players have to complete to kill the boss. Several cycles of this process are required to defeat most bosses unless of course you are using Losparo's cheat trainer!!

    About Losparo:

    Losparo is a keen developer and a valued member of Team XPG. If you take a look around the site you will notice that a lot of trainers are created by Losparo and the are all of equal quality.

    About Conan Cheat Trainer:

    Title Id:545107DA

    Media ID: 22465FDA

    TU = 0

    Trainer Features:

    Gain Experience on Spend (leave shop/re-enter to gain)

    Inf Health

    Signing Blades Always Max

    Rune Ability Always Max

    How to use:

    Download Files

    Place in game directory

    Launch TDDev_TrainerLoader.xex

    Launch game

    Press back + dpad down for trainer menu



    Click here to download

    PLEASE NOTE! If you have trouble downloading the files, try a different browser. Medafire seems to cause issues in some browsers.


    Created by Losparo

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