Preview Company of Heroes 2 screenshot reveals new UI

Rocky Jan 7, 2013

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    Relic Entertainment has released a new Company of Heroes 2 screenshot offering the first look at the real-time strategy game's user interface.

    "Often overlooked, the UI makes all the difference in how you experience the game and execute your strategy," the studio says.

    "Designed to give the player a full view of the battlefield and quick unit control, all the information you need to command your army is presented in a clean, concise and straightforward manner, with many improvements being made over the original design from CoH1."

    Relic adds: "Small tweaks are still being made as we get feedback from the Alpha Stress Test and upcoming Closed Beta, but functionally the new UI is complete. We welcome all feedback on the UI as you see more screenshots or use it in the upcoming closed beta, so be sure to tell us what you think about it."

    A detailed look at the sequel's new user interface can be found on



    Source - CVG

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