CoD Advanced, Multiplayer Preview & Whats to come!

OfficialSilas Aug 14, 2014

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    CoD Advanced Warfare, one of the only games that Sledge Hammer has fully own'd has released an amazing multiplayer trailer getting us CoD fans on the edge of our seats wanting more! Now, before we get into anything major. Ali-A has confirmed that Trickshotting and feeding on Advanced Warfare will be harder than ever. With a longer timing sniper. Meaning when you shoot it takes longer to Floppy Dangler Of Doom back the gun it will give the feeders a harder time to get there awesome kill streaks and to produce decent episodes etc.

    Booting is big
    Boosting is a major playing role in Advance Warfare giving that game that extra ''boost'' in battles. Similar to Titanfall, you can now use your boost on your power Exosuits. By double pressing ''A'' you can now just to bigger heights than ever before, using the left / right stick button the dodge your way from enemy fire and rockets and last of all boost slide. Now, whats really cool and also another copy from Titanfall is that you can now boost jump and than dash in a two stage move which allows you to move different directions in mid are. Something that you've seen in the Multiplayer tease.

    Abilies of Exosuits
    With the new futuristic features, the game has shown us what abilities the Exosuit has to offer. These include, Exo Shield, over clock, stim, cloak, hover, pink and trophy system. This suit also provides you with a nifty riot shield. A reminder, even though these Exosuits seem cool and all, they run on battery power will limit your special abilities. But don't worry, they have added a special ability called over charge which will give you extra just for more awesome special abilities.

    Exosuits hit hard!
    The new suits pack a serious punch, Advanced brand new ground strike ''Boost slam'' is an mixed areal manover and melle attack that allows you to slam back down to the ground with a fast and damaging ground strike. This is very useful for scattering enemies is capture base games modes, like Hard point which is now back thanks to popular demand.

    Printing and shooting?
    With the new perk called ''Gun hoe'' giving gamers a little bit of a crazy way to play CoD allows you now to sprint while shooting and also slide and shoots. This advantage can give crazy devastation on a battle field with now endless sprays of gun fire giving the game that extra speed and battle time.

    There's a loot system now?
    Loot, the award which is given in supply drops under the two ranks which are professional and elite. Each supply drop gives you three items based on the amount of times played and challenges completed in Multiplayer. For example, getting blood thirsty tasks you getting a particular amount of head shots and you will be rewarded with a new gun and a snazzy custom paint job. Saying that, they're are nearly over 300 new guns added to Advance Warfare, among them are a directed lazer / energy weapons which don't run on ammo but are un-usable when over heated.

    New customization system
    Customization is still similar to Black Ops II pick 10 system but now giving you 13 items to choose per class. It has the same flexibility from Black Ops II but giving you them 3 more options to choose from. Me personally, I'll be choosing kill streaks.

    Score Streaks are back!
    Score-streaks are back, giving you awards for racking up kills, assists etc in games you play. Depending on how long you live to earn them. For the first time, they're all custom-able and is also completely separate from ''Pick 13''. You can now even replace turrets on your guns for some new and improves rockets but will bump the cost of your score streak from 600 to 700 points. If you think you can earn 200 more points on that, you now have yourself a fully portable rocket launcher.

    Creating your operator
    In the past on CoD hasn't given us a very welcoming operator / squad creation. Me personally iv'e been waiting for something like this for ages and now i'm pleased with the outcome. This creation gives us gamers full control on how we want our operator to look, including facial, headgear, gloves and all the rest to choose and customize from. From CoD Ghost, we can now also include the Female gender back into the game for our female gamers. The loot / supply drop will also allow us to gain awesome gear to place on our operators aswell.

    Game modes in Advanced Warfare
    Currently being shown is 12 game modes which we will be able to play on release. Now the most talked about is Up-link which tasks both teams to capture a ball shaped drone from the center of the map and placing it into the Up-link. As always, the only way to kill people with the drone in your possession is the use your melee. But be warned, players who have played the close beta have used there noggins and are trowing the ball like NBA getting it to the Up-link.

    And there we have it, the preview of the Multiplayer for Advanced warfare. If you enjoyed the preview of whats to come, make sure to smack that like button. As always, I'll leave a link --->HERE<---- in which you can watch the trailer.
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    multiplayer looks like halo looks very disappointing

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